Getting a Handle on Summary Suspension

The Statutory Summary Suspension of driver's license  is the biggest issue for most people
who've been charged with DUI by any police department within DuPage County or the State of Illinois.
The affects of Statutory Summary Suspension go far beyond the obvious practical one of being
unable to drive legally or without restrictions in Illinois for a period of time.  The looming issue
of Statutory Summary Suspension is likely going to have a key impact upon whether you
choose to accept a "plea bargain" and how much more in fines you might end up paying as
a result of a plea bargain.  Thinking through how you will deal with the Summary Suspension is
absolutely key to achieving the most favorable end result in your DuPage DUI case.

You will know you are facing a Statutory Summary Suspension in your DuPage DUI case if you
received a piece of paper from the police entitled "Law Enforcement Sworn Report." Sometimes
the document might be entitled "Notice of Summary Suspension.  In either case the back of the
Document will have the words, "Receipt to Drive."    In most cases, the police officer who arrested
you or an assisting officer will give you this document along with others after you've been "booked"
at the police station.  In some instances you will receive the document in the mail by certified mail. 
About a week to ten days after your arrest and your receipt of the Law Enforcement Sworn Report,
you can expect to receive a letter from the Illinois Secretary of State entitled "Confimation of Statutory
Summary Suspension."

If you take away anything at all from our discussion here of Statutory Summary Suspension law,
you should understand this:  Your receiving a copy of the Law Enforcement Sworn Report starts a
clock ticking down 45 days. If the Summary Suspension is not rescinded (thrown out) your license
to drive a motor vehicle in the State of Illinois will be suspended, on the 46th day after you received
the Law Enforcement Sworn Report and will remain suspended for a period of time.  Facing this
prosepect, it is critical for you to arm yourself with as much information as possible AND TAKE
to prevent Summary Suspension.  There are very real things that a DUI Defense Professional
like Brent Christensen can do right away to increase your chances of having the Statutory Summary
Suspension rescinded. You can even take some steps yourself.  Read the rest of  the Statutory
Summary Suspension Guide clicking on the links below.

Statutory Summary Suspension Basics

History of Statutory Summary Suspension

The Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension

The Statutory Summary Suspension Hearing

Negotiating for Rescission of the Statutory Summary Suspension

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